Welcome To The Family

Just a few flea market pickups from this afternoon.

Really like the Jagr and |Subban card, it's probably my favorite from the lot. The Miller card is pretty cool as well; despite it being plain white swatch, I can't turn down a game jersey card for a buck. 


Lookin' At Card Backs

I was shifting through a box and found myself looking at the backs.

Let's take a trip back to the 1992-93 season from a set that still stands up.


Base cards used to be memorable; the base sets from the recent Upper Deck sets have been lacking photography wise. They used to be the best but now, when it comes to creating their flagship set of the year, it feels like they just wanna get it out there for the sake of milking the newest 1st Overall Draft pick Young Gun card. Maybe I'm just blinded by nostalgia.

I believe that adding the extra photo on the back of the card with limited stats adds quality to the cards, kinda like saying that the manufacturers have put in the extra effort to build a quality annual card set. Basically, I think it's a great idea, adds a lot of quality to the cards and gives an impression that the manufacturers worked on this product.

The UD Canvas sets are great cards, one of the best current sets - arguably the best.


Cards From When Clinton Was Your(maybe) President

Can you guess which decade is my favorite?

 Just a few from a stack of cards I recently picked up. I'll post a few of the rest in another post. Any stick out for you? Which one is your favorite and why?

About the Robert Dome CC card - I remember there was some hype around Dome, a 17th overall pick in the most recent Draft; I pulled the card (posted above) and treated it like a Sidney Crosby Young Gun.14 points in 53 NHL games.
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